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Item DescriptionInnerCaseOrder Quantity
100Picture, Photo Album2496
128Picture, Photo Album2448
8503, Vase, Small 12
BC210, Plastic Bead Curtain, 180cmx90cm 30
Birthday Cards, 3D with Music, Assortd.1001000
CF0305, Canada Flag, 3'x5' W/ metal grommets 72
CF0609, Canada Flag, 6'x9' W/ metal grommets 36
CF1218, Canada Flag, 12"x18" with Wooden Pole 72
Crystal Light Stand, 3" Revolving w/ Adptr. 36
Crystal Light Stand, 4" Revolving w/ Adptr. 36
EF319, Glass Flowers, Assorted Col.24144
Fans, Decorative 35" Wall Fans 24
GBE-B, Gift Bag Everyday Designs, Bottle12432
GBE-EXJ, Gift Bag Everyday Designs, Extra Jumbo12144
GBE-EXXJ, Gift Bag Everyday Des., Ex-Extra Jumbo12144
GBE-J, Gift Bag Everyday Designs, Jumbo12216
GBE-L, Gift Bag Everyday Designs, Large12288
GBE-M, Gift Bag Everyday Designs, Medium12432
GBE-S, Gift Bag Everyday Designs, Small 12576
GBH-B, Gift Bag Hologram Designs, Bottle12432
GBH-EXJ, Gift Bag Hologram Designs, Extra Jumbo12144
GBH-EXXJ, Gift Bag Hologram Des., Ex-Extra Jumbo12144
GBH-J, Gift Bag Hologram Designs, Jumbo12216
GBH-M, Gift Bag Hologram Designs, Medium12432
GBOXE-M, Assorted Gift Box Set, Medium 3pack 60
GBOXE-S, Assorted Gift Box Set, Small 4pack 60
GBOXH-L, Hologram Gift Box Set, Large 2pack 60
GBOXH-M, Hologram Gift Box Set, Medium 3pack 60
GBOXH-S, Hologram Gift Box Set, Small 4pack 60
L12002 Female Figurine 6
PR2859, Set/6, Couple In Love6144
PR8502, Set / 4, Circus Clown4480
PR8534, set/4, Sailing Rabbit4192
PR85635, set/4, Magician Clown4192
PR8578, Set/4, Sports Rabbit4288
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