UBI Trading Co. Printable Order Form - Stationary / School.
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Item DescriptionInnerCaseOrder Quantity
2-pack Glue & Correction Fluid 500
5" Carded Stationary Scissors 600
Ball Pens Asstd. Col. 10pk Carded24288
Ball Pens W/ Rubber Grip, 5pack24576
FB2040, White Glue, 2x40ml24144
KF10A, Correction Pen W/ Metal Tip, Carded24288
KS3007B, Stationary Scissors30600
Packing Tape Clear, 48 Yards672
PaperMate "BackTracker" Correction Pen 200
Pencils #2, 12 pack, Yellow12240
Pencils Colored 12 pack12240
RK118, Correction Pen, Extra Capacity, Carded12600
SS37, 2pk Carded Ball Pen With Rope24144
ST06, 3 pack Scotch Tape W. Metal Cutter24144
W503008, Glue Pen/Stick Mixed Pack24144
WD101, Carded Single Hole Punch12144
WP0603, 12 Colour Water Colour Set1296
XM118, Correction Fluid 20ml Bottle, Carded24144
XM218A, Correction Fluid/Thinner 2pk Carded Set24144
YD900, Light-up Pens24480
Z0515, Glitter Glue Pen, 5pack carded2496
ZF0606L, Glitter Glue Pen, 6pack24288
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